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"The work and service was excellent. They could not have done a better job." -Victoria G.
"They were really professional, and they were just nice to have in the house." - Alexa T.
"They were flexible, courteous, and they did a good job. I have used their services for quite awhile, and I have always been very happy with the quality of their work." - Lynda D.
"When they were finish, there is no chemical residue." - Julia H.
"I like that he uses chemicals that are not harmful to the environment." - Kenneth A.
"I've known and used them for a while. I trust them. They are efficient, and they get it done." - Susan M.
"The quality of their work is excellent." - John D.
"I like their professionalism. They do a fabulous job on my carpets." - Dianne F.
"I like the fact that they are very professional and courteous. I also feel that I can trust them in my house." - Kirby W.


"We have never experienced any problems with them. We are delighted with their services." - Gerrard C.
"They don't need any changes, they are great." - Yadira D.
"It seems like they are doing everything they can to please the customers." - Terry F.
"I think they've got it all." - William L.
"They're great about sending reminders and educating me on how to care for my carpet."  -Kathryn B.
"They were quick, clean, and they didn't leave a lot of moisture in the rugs." - Phillip B.
"They were prompt, and they followed through with everything." - Jerome B.
"They take the time to educate the customer." - Christine B.

"Their availability, thoroughness, and customer satisfaction" - Lani B.
"We had a really old carpet, but they were able to get all the stains out. Also, they really took the time to educate us on how to keep our carpets clean. They even gave us some spotter to use, and we use this product to clean our carpet all the time." - Mike B.
"They are nice to deal with." - Anna C.
"They seemed very knowledgeable." - Bob C.
"They are nice, fair, and professional." - Ellen C.
"They were very thorough." - Charlotte C.
"They did quality work. They arrived on time, and they seemed to be knowledgeable about carpets." -Brendan C.
"I liked the fact that they use environmentally safe products to clean the carpet." - Greg D.
"Everything was great. They arrived on time and charged me exactly what was proposed."
- Laura D.

"They are very professional, and they do excellent work." -Yadira D.
"They were personable, and they were very careful not to harm the carpets." - Ruth E.
"I like it that they are a small business. The guy explained everything, and they did a very thorough job." -Terry F.
"They are personable, they pay attention to detail, and they are very quick to respond when we need them." -Niki G.
"They seem to be able to diagnose anything." - John G.
"The workmanship is excellent." - Bruce G.
"They've always done a great job of cleaning our carpets." - William G.
"They were able take care of the environmental concerns we had with cleaning the carpet."
 - Mike K.

"I like the products they leave behind to maintain the carpet between cleanings." - Judy K.
"The personal service" - Jane K.
"They were very professional and thorough." - Carolyn K.
"They are very thorough, and they do a very good job." - Susie K.
"They were on time, efficient, and they did a great job." - William L.
"Their service was above and beyond other carpet cleaners." - Jeff L.
"They were honest and reliable." - Susan L.
"I like their expertise, and they are always very nice." - Michelle M.
"They were prompt, thorough, and conscientious." - Eliska M.
"They do an excellent job of getting spots out of the carpet." - Susan R.

"They were reliable, prompt, and they did a terrific job." - Jocelyn S.
"Their professionalism" - Shani T.
"They do great work, and I recommend them to anyone that needs their carpet cleaned." -Talley W.
"They were willing to take the time to get each stain out of my carpet." -Scott W.
"I think they know exactly what they are going." - Darcy W.
"I like that they don't use harsh chemicals to clean the carpets." - Kris B.
"They give us advice on how to take care of the carpets." - Susan C.
"Ofer is very friendly, and he does wonderful work." -Sylvie D.
"They were very personable." - Colin J.
"They seemed very nice." - Richard J.

"They were very careful to pick up all the furniture, and they were diligent in putting the spacers under them. They were also very careful and thorough about working on the spots that we had pointed out to them." -Beth R.
"They were personable, on time, and the rug came out really clean." - Mary S.
"They showed up on time, and they had a lot of good suggestions." - Irvenia W.
"My carpets look great after they clean them." - Fran B.
"They were very professional." - Paul H.
"They were careful with everything." - Karen S.

More ValueStar Testimonials

“I have used them for years . I always call them whenever I need my carpets cleaned because they are thorough and professional.”

“They went above and beyond the call of duty. They took care to educate me about how to care for my carpet and they left me with a complimentary bottle of stain remover. I have used them twice and they are just excellent.”

“I think they are organized and do a very good job. We have used them 6 or 7 times.”

“The cleaner was very knowledgeable and very helpful. They did a great job.”

“The thing I liked most about them is that with most steam carpet cleaners, you get a carpet that is too wet. Steam Team used less water and my carpet dried faster and was cleaner.”

“They listen and they know what they are doing. I like the owner- he really pays attention.”

“They are biologically aware so they use things that are not bad for you or your pets. They are sensitive to issues with pets and totally open to discussing their products and how they might affect animals.”

“They are fab! I have used them many times and would recommend them to anyone who asked. They aren't cheap - you never go away thinking you got a bargain - but they ARE good.”

“They are very mindful about cleaning. They are willing to challenge you about what you think you know about cleaning your items and the products that are used. They know a lot about different items and the right way to clean them. I also like the fact that they do follow up with you, remind you when it is time to take care of things.”

“They care about the job they do.”

“They did a very good job. They focus on using environmentally-friendly and hypo-allergenic products. I was very appreciative of that.”

“They did a very nice job . They even helped me move furniture. I always use them.”

“They show up, they do what they say they and are professional and organized. I have an old house with old wool carpeting and they told me in advance what to expect in terms of what they could and could not do. The finished work far exceeded what they told me they could do. They are a great, truly full-service company.”

“They were excellent. They did everything I wanted done.”

“I have used them a couple of times a year for several years now. They are reliable, very thorough, and knowledgeable about stains.”

“I have used them many times. They are personable, always on time and they do a great job.

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