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Oriental Rug Cleaning
Carpet Repair
Cleaning for Chemical or Scent Sensitive People
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Color Repair

Carpet Cleaning:
Our state of the art truck mount units will revive your carpet appearance and remove the deepest soil and ground-in pollutants. Our meticulous cleaning is done to the exact manufacturers' specifications to maintain your carpet’s stain resistance and warrantee. We use safe, non-toxic, and at your choice, hypo-allergenic cleaning products that clean exceptionally well. After our “green” carpet cleaning, your carpets will feel softer to the touch, and be nearly dry and residue-free. You’ll also save money because you won’t need to clean your carpets as often, and they’ll last longer.


Upholstery Cleaning:
We'll select the cleaning method most suitable for your sofa’s fabric. With expertise, patience and attention to detail, we’ll meticulously clean your upholstered furniture with a biodegradable non-toxic cleaning product. After our cleaning your sofa will be very clean, look bright and feel soft to the touch.

Oriental Rug Cleaning:
To properly preserve the beauty and prolong the life of your rugs, we individually test each color. To maintain wool’s natural resiliency we follow the “Wool Bureau’s” cleaning guidelines. We’ll gently wash you rug by hand using mild specially formulated non-toxic wool cleaner, then thoroughly rinse and dry it. It will bring out your rug’s beautiful colors and natural beauty.

Cleaning for Chemical or Scent Sensitive People:
We offer our clients a specialized cleaning service designed for people with scent or chemical sensitivities. We can also use hypo-allergenic cleaning products. This two-step cleaning process utilizes a safe, non toxic and scent free cleaning product. We pre-spray the carpet with this unique cleaning agent, thoroughly brush it in, then rinse it out with an extra clear water rinse cycle. It enables our clients with these sensitivities to enjoy all the benefits of a clean home again.

Color Repair:
Correcting color stains is more of an art then an exact science. Anyone that ever dyed fabrics will tell you how hard it is to match dyes. It takes a lot of experience and a great deal of patience. We can permanently correct dye stains or re-dye those pesky bleached spots that always happen in the most visible areas of your carpet. It will make these spot almost disappear, greatly improve your carpet’s beautiful appearance and save you the cost of replacement.

We can help you eliminate or greatly improve odors caused by pets, cooking, or any offensive smell. We’ll work hard to make your home smell fresh and pleasant again.

Pet Related Problems:
Many claims are made about complete removal of odor and urine from carpets and fabrics. The truth, however, is that the prospects for success are greatly dependent on the type of fabric, the extent of the damage and how long the stain has been there. We’ll offer you honest, realistic solutions to pet related problems.

Carpet Repair:
Some times just a simple repair can greatly improve the look of your carpet. We repair disintegrating or opening seams and replace damaged sections of the carpet to remove permanent damage.

For Existing Clients Only:
    FREE: Non-Toxic spotter every time we clean for you.
    FREE: stain removal help by phone, internet or fax.
    FREE: phone consultation when buying a new carpet. Short of buying a home, carpets are one of the longest lasting decisions you’ll ever make. Let us help you make the best decision and choose the right carpet for yourself. We have nothing to gain financially since we do not sell carpets. It is our way of saying thank you to our loyal clients.