11. Is their cleaning residue free?
Here we go again! No matter what claims are being made, there is no such thing as residue-free cleaning. Water by itself leaves a mineral deposit due to its hardness. This is why sun-dried clothes feel stiff to the touch.

The important issues are:
  1. How much residue is left? In our cleaning it is minuscule: 1 particle per 5000.
  2. Is the residue toxic? We use safe, non toxic, bio-degradable and mostly naturally derived cleaning products.
  3. Will the residue cause fast re-soiling? The miniscule amount that is left (1 particle per 5000) is granular; will not cause re-soiling, and will be completely removed the first time you vacuum.

12. Do they claim: “A Break through?” Is the word “Exclusive” ever mentioned?
New technology becomes immediately available to everybody. It is the manufacturer’s interest to sell it to as many companies as possible. Don’t be fooled into paying high prices for readily available techniques.

13. Do they use “new” or “revolutionary” cleaning methods?
Your home is not an experimental laboratory. We never rush to be the first to use new technology or products in your home. We have seen too many “revolutionary” products come and go; some were actually proven to be hazardous.

We use new technologies or cleaning products only after they have been proven beyond any doubt to be both advantageous and safe for you.

14. Do they claim to have “absolutely the best equipment” without which good cleaning can not be done?
It is known that good cleaning equipment enables great cleaning results. That is why at the Steam Team we have invested in state of the art equipment and cleaning products. However, these tools are available to any cleaning company that takes itself seriously. What makes a great cleaning company is the quality of the person behind the machine and do they truly care about you- their client. If your cleaning company really cares about you and takes pride in their work, everything else will fall into place. It’s that simple. It is the hardest thing to find.

15. How do they clean Olefin, Wool or Nylon? What PH they are using?
Every fiber needs to be cleaned differently. We adjust our cleaning to the fiber at hand. Due to Olefin’s non-absorbency we clean it with a very low pressure solution followed by many dry passes. This prevents Olefin’s tendency for re-appearing stains. Nylon needs to be cleaned with a PH lower then 10. A higher PH will permanently damage and remove the carpet’s stain resistance. It will also void the manufacturer’s warrantee and might cause you thousands of dollars in loss. We clean wool according to the wool bureau’s instructions for a PH lower then 8.0 and use a mild cleaning product that maintains and preserves wool’s natural resiliency.

16. What percentage of their income is spent on advertising?
“Why should I care?” You might think.
Ask and you will find out that most companies will not reveal this information. Our advertising budget is lower then 3% of our income. Only a company that devotes its complete attention to satisfying their existing clients can rely as heavily as we do on word of mouth referrals. Our number one source for new customers is: YOU. We invest in our clients, not in advertising. We will work hard to earn your trust and win your referrals.

17. Can I have an MSDS sheet?
The law requires that a company, upon your request, provide you with an MSDS sheet (material safety data sheet.) This sheet shows the toxicity rating of the products being used. You do not have to guess how toxic or safe the product is, and you do not have to take anybody’s word for it. All you have to do is ask.

Each and every one of our vans carries MSDS sheets for the safe, non toxic cleaning products we use.

18. Do they clean oriental rugs by themselves or source it out?

Every single cleaning service that we offer we do ourselves, with our own hands. It is the only way to insure 100% quality control.

We also give you a 100%- Complete Satisfaction Guarantee. So, if our cleaning does not match your standards, we’ll re-do the job free of charge; if you are still not satisfied with the cleaning, we’ll give you your money back. We want you to be absolutely delighted with our work.

19. Do they use non-toxic cleaning products? Do they say “bio-degradable?”

Almost every company claims that their product is “safe” “non-toxic” and “bio-degradable.” You have to realize that radioactive waste, for example, is bio-degradable; unfortunately it will “only” take three million years for it to biodegrade! To get a true sense about safety and non-toxicity you need specific, meaningful information. We’d like to tell you in person, why the cleaning products we use are highly beneficial for you.

20. Pay close attention to your first call.

Was the company patient and friendly on the phone? Did they welcome your questions and take the time to answer all of them? Were they knowledgeable? Did the answers make sense to you, or were they slick one-liners? Did they try to sell you lots of extras? Did they listen?

At the Steam Team we respect our customers and appreciate their intelligence. Our goal is to provide you with the best cleaning results possible. The reason that we want you to be absolutely delighted with our work is simple: We’d like you to tell all your friends and family and keep coming back. It’s good for business.